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It is a question that aspiring YouTubers ask themselves. It goes without saying that if you want your YouTube videos to succeed, you need high-quality audio. Quality audio is just as important as video when creating great content. If you’re not using a good microphone, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

MrBeast is, without a doubt, one of the most successful YouTubers. With over 88 million subscribers, he knows what he’s doing. But what is his secret? How does he get those incredible sound quality videos? The purpose of this blog post is to discuss what mic does MrBeast use?

What mic does MrBeast use?

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Mr. Beast uses the Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone. It is best for speaking into. Since it is a dynamic mic, you do not need an external power source like with condenser mics (though you can use one). The Shure SM7B also has an extremely long build life of 2,000 hours. This means that you will be able to use this mic for a very long time before worrying about it breaking down.

The Shure SM7B is a dynamic mic with a cardioid polar pattern. This means that it will only pick up sound from one direction. The mic itself is very popular among professional broadcasters and podcasters, so you should have no problem finding replacement parts or additional items to go along with your mic.

The XLR connection is one of the most important features of this mic. It allows you to have more control over the sound. This, in turn, results in better overall sound quality. The connection is also very durable, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down any time soon. In addition to the XLR connection, the mic also comes with an audio interface. This gives you even more control over the sound and results in a higher-quality video.

The Shure SM7B is a dynamic microphone that has been designed for use in the studio. It is a cardioid microphone with a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response. This produces an exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech. The SM7B is also equipped with a built-in preamplifier that provides high-gain output, making it perfect for recording equipment.

What is a dynamic microphone and why is it better than other types of microphones?

What is a dynamic microphone and why is it better than other types of microphones

A dynamic microphone is a type of microphone that can handle high sound pressure levels without distorting. It does this by using the diaphragm and backplate to resist changes in capacitance, which elevates any small signal fluctuations on the grid voltage and removes them from the output signal.

This design makes it ideal for live performances and outdoor speaking because it can handle loud and powerful sounds without causing any quality loss. Dynamic microphones are often used at rock concerts or spoken word events, where you can use them to pick up somebody’s voice over the sound of a loud band.

On the other side of this dynamic microphone coin is condenser mics, which are more sensitive but can easily be crushed by loud noises or require more power to work. If you are an avid music listener, you have probably noticed that different microphones are used for recording songs at other times – dynamic mics are often preferred during live sessions, while condenser mics are usually used in the studio.

Why the Shure SM7B is a popular choice for YouTubers

The Shure SM7B dynamic microphone is popular among YouTubers because it has been specifically designed for speech applications. This makes it the perfect microphone for anybody that does a lot of speaking and wants to ensure their voice is captured with high fidelity.

Industry professionals have praised the Shure SM7B for its ability to capture the full range of an individual’s voice without adding any unwanted coloration, which would occur if you used another type of mic. This makes it a great microphone for anybody who records themselves speaking, regardless of whether they are a professional speaker or amateur podcast host.

How do you set up a Shure SM7B mic to get the best sound quality possible?

How do you set up a Shure SM7B mic to get the best sound quality possible

The Shure SM7B is very easy to set up all you need to do is plug it into the XLR port on your console or interface. Once that’s done, turn up the gain (remembering that this will boost any incoming noise) until the input level peaks consistently at around -6dB. Once you have set up the gain, you can adjust the proximity effect to bring more or less bass into the mic. In most cases, users leave this switch in the off position and use a separate EQ to cut any low-end frequencies they do not want.

The benefits of using a dynamic microphone like the Shure SM7B

The benefits of using a dynamic microphone like the Shure SM7B

Dynamic microphones like the SM7B have a few key benefits that every YouTuber and podcaster should be aware of: they can handle loud sounds in high fidelity, they are tough to damage, and they don’t require an external amplifier or interface for use on USB mics, they often have a wider frequency response, and they tend to produce recordings with a warmer, more intimate sound.

The biggest benefit of using a dynamic microphone is that it can handle loud sounds without distorting the signal or causing any clipping. This makes them perfect for capturing the full range of your voice during live performances, podcasts, etc.

Dynamic microphones are also less likely to cause feedback when used in loud environments because their output levels do not change as drastically as condenser mics. Dynamic microphones are typically much more affordable than their condenser counterparts, and they don’t require any additional equipment to function properly.


The dynamic microphone you should choose will depend on your application, but the Shure SM7B is an excellent choice in terms of recording speaking specifically.

It has a warm, natural sound that is perfect for spoken-word recordings. It can handle loud sounds without distorting the signal whether you’re looking for better quality YouTube videos or live performance recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What drone does MrBeast use?

In a recent video, popular YouTuber MrBeast used a SwellPro drone to release cash into the sky. The stunt was part of a larger prank in which MrBeast challenged his viewers to find the cash that he had hidden in various locations around his hometown.

Which MIC is best for YouTube video?

1. Shure SM7B
2. Audio-Technica AT2035
3. Rode Procaster
4. Blue Yeti.
5. Blue Snowball.

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