How to Make Your Mic Louder on Discord

How to Make Your Mic Louder on Discord – BestQuickReviews

Discord is a fantastic chat program that has quickly become one of the most popular ways for gamers to communicate. However, if you are not close to your computer or gaming system and need to talk into a microphone, it can be difficult!

In this blog post, we will go over how to make your mic louder on discord so that people in your group can hear what you’re saying no matter where they are.

What is Discord

What is Discord

Discord is a chat program for gamers and one of the most popular ways to communicate with each other. Games like FortniteRocket League, and League of Legends use it as a way for their players to talk about the game while they are playing.

Why use Discord

why use Discord

While you could talk on your phone or use an outside voice chat service, Discord has a lot of benefits that many gamers enjoy.

It is completely free to download and only takes seconds to set up. Every member in the channel gets their text channels to keep different conversations separate from each other, which means no more talking over each other or having multiple conversations going on at once.

How to make your mic louder on discord

How to make your mic louder on discord

While Discord’s default mic settings are usually fine for a small group, it cannot be easy to hear each other if you have a larger team or play with people from different locations. Luckily there is an easy way to make your mic louder on Discord!

All you need to do is open the ‘Voice & Video’ tab in Discord.

Then select the ‘Input Device’ drop-down menu, and change your mic level to 100%. Depending on how you have Discord set up, this may mean that the person speaking will be picked up by any device. If someone is talking in their game but not into a microphone, it can still pick them up.

This is a great way to make your mic louder on Discord and let people hear you no matter where they are.

Tips for using a microphone with discord

Tips for using a microphone with discord

Here are some tips for using a microphone with Discord:

  • When you download Discord, the program will have the proper settings for you already.
  • Make sure your mic volume isn’t too high to don’t blow out your speakers.
  • If you need to play loud music while playing games on Discord, set up your mixer so that it doesn’t affect your mic.
  • If you are playing a thunderous game while using Discord, try to use headphones or earbuds while talking on your mic.

Doing these things will ensure that everyone can hear what you’re saying and not be distracted by other noises in the background.

Troubleshooting tips for when your mic still isn’t working right

If the above tips didn’t fix your mic problem, there are a few more things that you can try. Here are some troubleshooting tips for when your mic still isn’t working right:

  • Make sure that “push-to-talk” is not selected as the hotkey. It may be set as a shortcut to maximize or minimize the window in some cases. Make sure it is set to “toggle voice.”
  • If you have been playing with a friend and had a lot of background noise on Discord, try restarting Discord. It’s possible the sound from the game was interrupting your mic, and even though your level had increased on Discord, it wasn’t enough to overpower the sound from your game.
  • When you restart Discord, go back to the “Input Device” drop-down menu and increase your mic level again. Then try recording some audio on other programs or websites that require you to use a microphone. If this works, there is an issue with Discord’s settings.


The chat platform Discord has many great features that make it easy to communicate with your friends and coworkers. One part you might not know about is the setting to increase the volume for your microphone output when speaking in voice chats.

This post will teach you how to do just that by telling you what types of hardware and software are available for people who need a little extra amplification while they’re chatting with friends on Discord. Apply here if you would like us to make your mic louder on Discord!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my mic so low in discord?

Many discord users have this problem but don’t need to worry because there are many ways to fix it. One way is by changing the settings of your mic’s input volume. Make sure that your voice level is set to 100%. If you are not using push-to-talk, make sure to use toggle voice instead. The next thing you can do is restart the discord app and check the input level on your computer. This should make your mic louder in Discord.

How can I force my mic louder?

A way to make your mic louder is by using an external microphone. This can be connected through USB or Bluetooth.
The other way is by recording the game’s audio if you are playing with friends and can hear what they are saying. You can also raise your input level on the soundboard program by clicking on “Master” and increasing the volume.

Why is my mic so quiet?

Make the following changes in your mic settings

1. Increase your volume level by clicking on “volume” at the bottom of your “Input device” menu
2. Make sure that you are using toggle voice instead of push-to-talk
3. Turn off background noise
4. Make sure to plug in speakers or headphones if they are not plugged in already, so you don’t have to turn up the sound with Discord open
5. Check all microphone connections

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