How To Play Music Through Your Mic On Steam

How To Play Music Through Your Mic On Steam – BestQuickReviews

Playing music through your microphone is a great way to entertain friends when you’re in voice chat or want to add an extra flair to your gaming.

Streaming live video games with only one mic can be difficult, but there are many ways that you can play music on Steam without the need for any extra equipment! In this blog post, we will cover five tricks and tips that can help make it easy.

Play Music Through Your Mic With Audacity

How To Play Music Through Your Mic On Steam

You can play music on Steam without needing an extra mic by using Audacity. Audacity is a free and open-source software for recording and editing sounds.

Download the program and plug your computer’s speakers, microphone, or headset into the appropriate port on your sound card. Open Audacity and click “Record” to start playing your song, then stop when you’re finished!

Create A Shoutcast Server On Your Computer

Create A Shoutcast Server On Your Computer

You’ll need to install the Shoutcast server package to access Shoutcast servers.

This audio server is designed to synchronize music with broadcasting software like Flash Media Streaming Server, FMJ, and FMS.

Plug your speakers into your computer before installing the package to hear sound when setting up your streaming settings.

After the installation is complete, open up your broadcasting software and select “Shoutcast” as your streaming radio station.

Use Discord’s Push To Talk Feature

Use Discord's Push To Talk Feature

Discord is a popular voice chat program similar to Skype but free. The feature you’ll want to use for this trick is “Push To Talk,” which will allow you to play your music without any interference.

Keep in mind that this may not be the best option if you’re in a game with teammates who are also speaking since they can hear your music even when they’re speaking!

Connect Headphones Directly Into The Mic Jack

Connect Headphones Directly Into The Mic Jack

This is a trick that many gamers use because it’s so simple. You’ll need to have wired headphones or a headset with a mic jack for this to work, but if you do, then it’s easy to set up.

Plug your headphones into the mic jack on your computer, turn on your music program of choice, and start playing!

Stream Live From YouTube To Make It Easier For Friends

Stream Live From YouTube To Make It Easier For Friends

If you’re streaming live video games and want to play music, you’ll need to stream from YouTube. This will allow the viewers to hear your music and talk to you at the same time.

You can pick whichever service you want, but they must be compatible with YouTube streaming.


We’ve just learned how to play music through your mic on Steam. Hopefully, this article has taught you a few things, and we hope that our tips can help improve the quality of your voice chat experience in online games.

Do you want to know more about how other gamers use their microphones? Then make sure to read some of our previous blog posts. In them, we’ll show you all sorts of ways people have used Twitch for broadcasting or streaming gameplay sessions from around the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play mp3s through my mic?

MP3s can be played through your mic by AudioDesk! First, download the program. Load whatever file you wish to play, start playback with ”’ P,”’ and voila! You have created a playlist that will continue playing independently without input from you.
It’s worthy to note that while MP3s can get through microphones just fine, some other formats have trouble with this process.

How do you play music through your mic on CSGO?

Playing music on CSGO is possible with an external microphone that can plug into your computer or a pre-installed voice changer/filter. Install a voice changer; download the program, and open it up.
There should be a button at the top of the screen that says “Mic setup.” Choose this option before you continue to set up an account.
Once you have created your account, click on “Voice Filters” from the left sidebar menu list and select any of the filters available to create a parody of yourself that sound more…interesting?

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