what mic does georgenotfound use

What Mic does Georgenotfound Use-BestQuickReviews

For many years, GeorgenotFound has been using a Shure SM7B microphone. He is so passionate about this mic that he made an entire video on it.

This blog post will go in-depth into what makes the SM7B an excellent option for him and why you should consider buying one of your own!

What Mic does Georgenotfound Use

What Mic does Georgenotfound Use

A Shure SM7B is what I use for most of my videos. For me, the sound quality is perfect for voice-overs and podcasting. It has an outstanding balance between proximity and directionality, so I can record myself close up and from afar.

The frequency response is excellent, too, because it reaches the lower frequencies without distortion or boom sound. I’ve been using this mic for many years now, and it’s never let me down- not even one time!

How to Make a Good Podcast 

I’ve been using the SM7B for my podcasts and voiceovers for years, and it has never let me down! The audio quality is crystal clear, and it can handle dynamics well. I would recommend this mic to anyone looking for a great dynamic microphone!

What is The Best Microphone for Voiceover Work

When deciding on the best microphone, you’ll need to buy something that fits your needs. If you’re planning on doing voiceovers and podcasts often, an SM7B is an excellent option because of its proximity and directionality. Some people who aren’t using theirs for voiceover work might want to go with an SM7B or a Rode NT1-A if they’re looking for something that will do better on vocals, like in a solo performance.

Best Microphones for Gaming and Streaming

Choosing a microphone is a significant decision. You can choose from hundreds of options available, but the one you select must meet your requirements.

The first factor you’ll need to look at is what type of microphone you need? If you’re going to be gaming and streaming, then an XLR microphone is a good option, as this will give you an audio boost so others can hear you better.

A higher signal-to-noise ratio will also reduce any interference from background noise, which allows for crystal clear communication. The only downside would be the price as they are a bit more expensive than USB microphones. But if quality sound matters to you, then XLR is the way to go.

Why Do People Use The Blue Yeti Microphone

The Blue Yeti is a popular USB microphone that people use for podcasts, voiceovers, and streaming. It’s garnered a lot of popularity because it has an excellent frequency response and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

The Blue yeti also captures the stereo sound, and it can record at very high resolutions. The input has an output via the headphone jack and XLR connectors to connect the mic to different audio interface equipment.

It also comes with four polar patterns: Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional. This allows the user to control their sound capturing range. A handy feature is that it comes with an integrated stand clamp which makes using this microphone easy.


Georgenotfound has been a long-time favorite because we offer so much for such a low price. But there are also other reasons why this mic is worth your consideration if you’re looking to purchase one.

In general, the sound quality from this microphone is superb – as good as any professional studio recording device that costs thousands more. It offers excellent off-axis rejection, which means you can be right next to the speaker without picking up their voice on the audio side!

And finally, it’s portable with an adjustable stand built-in like most standard microphones (though some people find they need additional stands). So what do you think? Do these features make georgenotfound seem great.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mic does PewDiePie use?

PewDiePie has used various microphones, but he prefers the Audio Technica AT2020.

What headset do most YouTubers use?

The most popular headset that YouTubers use is the Sennheiser Game One gaming headset. These headsets are designed for gamers, and they give out incredible sound quality.

What mic does Sleepy use?

I use the Audio-Technica AT2035. It is very lightweight and has a great frequency response on low-to-high frequencies.

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