What Mic does Tubbo Use

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Toby “Tubbo” Smith is a famous Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer who uses the game for entertainment. He has more than 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 4 million Twitch followers.

Tubbo is originally from Bognor Regis, England. He started his YouTube channel in early 2018 and has been gaining popularity. Tubbo’s videos are usually centered around Minecraft, but he also posts vlogs and gaming commentary videos.

Tubbo is known for his work on the Dream SMP server; The popular roleplay server is loaded with other high-profile Minecraft streamers.

After meeting TommyInnit, Tubbo was invited to join his streaming team, Team Innit. The team has many members, including other well-known Minecraft streamers such as Wilbur, Fundy, and Eret.

In this blog post, we will be exploring what mic does Tubbo use in his videos and whether we think he has a favorite one.

What Mic does Tubbo Use

What Mic does Tubbo Use

Tubbo is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and he uses the Shure SM7B microphone to broadcast his voice to his viewers. The SM7B is a dynamic microphone designed for broadcast and recording applications. It’s been used in studios worldwide for over 25 years.

The Shure SM7B is a dynamic microphone famous for its low noise and wide frequency range. It’s also known for being durable and having a clear sound.

Many different gamers and streamers have praised this particular mic, but Tubbo favors it.

It has a cardioid pickup pattern that minimizes noise and off-axis sound. The mic is also built to be durable, with a casing made from zinc alloy. It also has a steel mesh grille that helps to protect the capsule.

The SM7B also has a bass roll-off feature that eliminates low-end rumbles and noises. This is perfect for gaming since it keeps your voice clear and focused without unwanted background noise.

Although the Shure SM7B has a bass roll-off feature, an effective pop filter is still necessary to protect the mic from breath sounds. A pop filter eliminates the need for any additional protection against breath sounds, facilitating uninterrupted close-up narration.

The windscreen on the SM7B is a plus. It helps to reduce popping sounds, which can be a problem with many microphones. This gives the mic a warmer tone when talking close, perfect for gaming and streaming.

The SM7B is not cheap, but it is a quality mic that will give you great sound for streaming or gaming. It’s a worthwhile investment for any streamer or gamer.

If you’re looking for a good microphone to help improve your voice quality and succeed like Tubbo, then the SM7B is a great option!

How to Get The Best Sound from Your Microphone

How to Get The Best Sound from Your Microphone

The answer to this is a pretty simple experiment with your room. If you’re trying to record something like rapping, make sure that there is a little echo. The sound waves that bounce off the walls and return to the microphone may be eaten.

You can also use a pop filter to cut down on those annoying popping sounds when saying words like P and B. A pop filter is a circular fabric in front of your mic and absorbs some of those extra popping sounds. They’re pretty cheap, but they make a big difference!

How to Set up a Home Studio for Recording Music or Podcasts

How to Set up a Home Studio for Recording Music or Podcasts

People make some common mistakes when trying to set up their home studio for music or podcasts. They include having the microphone too close to the source of the sound, not checking to make sure there are no background noises, and not making sure the room is nice and quiet.

If you’re recording vocals and your mic is too close to the speaker, it will pick up those sounds. To avoid this, make sure that there are a couple of inches (about five or six centimeters) between your mouth and the microphone when you record.

If background noises like driving cars are bothering you, try putting some sound dampening material on the walls and putting some sound insulation between your mic and any windows.

What’s a Cheap Way to Make My Voice Sound Better

What's a Cheap Way to Make My Voice Sound Better

If you can’t afford a studio, try making your own! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; use some acoustic foam panels to help control the room’s acoustics. You can also place your recording device on a table or desk for free. You’ll sound better if you’re standing up instead of sitting down.


Tubbo is one of the most popular and successful Minecraft players globally. While his playing style sets him apart from other players, his choice of the microphone also contributes to his success.

In particular, the Shure SM7B has helped him achieve a clear and consistent tone of voice that allows his teammates to understand him clearly.

As a result, if you’re looking for a microphone that can help you achieve a similar level of success in Minecraft, the SM7B is an excellent option to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mic does streamers use?

The mic that people streamers use is different. Still, some of the most popular is the Razer Seiren Elite Microphone, the Blue Yeti Pro Microphone, the Avantone CVEM-11 Silver Microphones, and the Heil Sound PR-40 Professional Micro mic. These mics are all great for streaming because they have high-quality audio with little to no background noise.

What kind of mic does TommyInnit use?

One of the reasons TommyInnit uses a Blue Yeti microphone is its adaptive frequency response. This means that he will respond better to his voice than others when he speaks into the mic. It has multiple polar patterns, which allow him to customize how he wants to receive the signal from the mic.

What mic does PewDiePie use?

His microphone of choice is the Rode NTG4 Microphone. It is a professional microphone which you can buy for around $150. He has been using it since 2011, and he still recommends it to any beginners who want to enter the world of content creation.

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