What Mic Does Ludwig Use for His Iconic Sound?

Ludwig is a popular content creator and streamer on Twitch. He is known for his engaging content and high-quality production. One of the most frequently asked questions about Ludwig is, “What mic does Ludwig use?” 

In this article, we will explore Ludwig’s microphone of choice and why he chooses to use it.

What Mic Does Ludwig Use?

What Mic Does Ludwig Use

Ludwig opts for the Shure SM7B microphone. This particular model boasts a flat, seamless, and wide-ranging frequency response, particularly suited for both speech and musical applications. 

It stands as a versatile choice for professional audio recordings, catering to the needs of content creators, podcasters, and streamers alike. 

Notably, the SM7B’s shielding capability is instrumental in minimizing unwanted ‘hum’ sounds in Ludwig’s videos, stemming from electromagnetic interference from nearby electrical sources like neon lights and computer monitors.

Moreover, the microphone comes equipped with an additional A7WS windscreen, tailored for close-talk scenarios. Additionally, the Shure SM7B features an RPM602 switch cover plate and a 5/8 to 3/8 inch thread adapter.

Ludwig’s Microphone: Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B The Shure SM7B is a dynamic microphone meticulously crafted for professional-grade audio recordings. 

It boasts a classic cardioid polar pattern optimized for dialog capture, along with midrange emphasis and bass roll-off controls to accommodate diverse vocal ranges. 

The microphone incorporates built-in air suspension with shock isolation to effectively mitigate mechanical transmission noises. Its yoke mounting with a secure stand nut enables swift installation and removal.

 The microphone’s robust construction ensures longevity and enduring performance.

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Why does Ludwig choose the Shure SM7B?

Ludwig Shure SM7B

Ludwig opts for the Shure SM7B due to its exceptional audio recording capabilities. 

This microphone boasts a flat, seamless, and wide-ranging frequency response that excels in capturing both speech and musical content. 

It serves as a versatile tool suitable for professional audio recordings, catering to the needs of content creators, podcasters, and streamers. 

Notably, the microphone’s ability to shield against electromagnetic hum sound emanating from nearby electrical devices, such as neon lights and computer monitors, is a significant advantage. 

Additionally, the inclusion of the A7WS windscreen makes it particularly well-suited for close-talk applications.

Pros and Cons of the Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B offers several advantages and potential drawbacks. Among its strengths are its top-notch audio recording capabilities, its ability to combat electromagnetic interference, and the versatility provided by the A7WS windscreen. 

However, it’s essential to consider some cons as well, including its relatively high cost, the requirement for a separate audio interface, and its classification as a dynamic microphone, which may not be ideal for all recording scenarios.

Alternatives to the Shure SM7B

While the Shure SM7B stands as an excellent choice, Ludwig has various alternatives to consider. Two prominent options are the Audio-Technica AT2020 and the Blue Yeti.

Audio-Technica AT2020

 The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a cardioid condenser microphone celebrated for its professional sound quality and remarkable versatility. 

Designed for project and home studio applications, it boasts a high SPL handling capacity and a broad dynamic range that adapts to diverse recording needs. 

The microphone features a custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm for extended frequency response and superior transient response. 

Its cardioid polar pattern reduces unwanted sound pickup from the sides and rear, enhancing isolation of the desired source. 

The package includes a stand mount compatible with 5/8″-27 threaded stands, a 5/8″-27 to 3/8″-16 threaded adapter, and a soft protective pouch.

Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti, a USB microphone tailored for content creators, podcasters, and streamers, offers a user-friendly experience.

Equipped with a tri-capsule array, it excels in recording versatility across various situations. Its four pattern modes—cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo—expand its recording capabilities. 

Real-time monitoring is made easy through the built-in headphone jack. Compatible with most recording software, the Blue Yeti is a convenient choice for those seeking flexibility and ease of use.

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Ludwig’s Microphone Setup

Ludwig employs a comprehensive microphone setup centered around the Shure SM7B microphone, accompanied by essential accessories. This includes a shock mount and a pop filter. 

The shock mount serves the crucial function of isolating the microphone from external noise, shocks, and vibrations, ensuring optimal recording conditions. 

Simultaneously, the pop filter plays a vital role in reducing background noise and unwanted sounds, enhancing audio clarity.

To support this setup, Ludwig utilizes the robust and dependable Rode PSA1 microphone stand. This stand provides a stable foundation, ensuring secure positioning of the microphone for consistent and high-quality recordings.

Complementing these components, an audio interface is a key element in Ludwig’s setup. 

While the specific model of the audio interface isn’t explicitly mentioned, it is presumed to be a high-quality unit, as it plays a pivotal role in fine-tuning the microphone’s sound. 

This crucial piece of equipment contributes significantly to Ludwig’s reputation for achieving professional-grade sound quality.

How Ludwig’s Mic Choice Affects His Content

Ludwig’s decision to use the Shure SM7B microphone significantly elevates the quality of his content. 

This microphone is renowned for its exceptional audio recording capabilities, leading to crystal-clear sound in his streams and videos. 

Its ability to counteract electromagnetic hum sound from nearby electrical sources, like neon lights and computer monitors, further enhances the clarity of Ludwig’s audio.

Additionally, the Shure SM7B contributes to the professional appearance of Ludwig’s content. 

With its classic cardioid polar pattern designed for dialogue capture, midrange emphasis, and bass roll-off control catering to various voice ranges, it helps create a polished and high-quality sound. 

The microphone’s robust construction and built-in air suspension with shock isolation eliminate mechanical transmission noises, resulting in a clean and professional sound. 

Overall, Ludwig’s choice of microphone plays a pivotal role in shaping the quality of his content, setting him apart from other streamers and content creators.

Community Reactions

Ludwig’s audience has generally responded positively to his microphone choice. Fans have lauded the clarity and quality of his audio, often remarking on its professional sound. 

Some viewers have even sought Ludwig’s microphone settings, underscoring their desire to replicate his audio quality. 

In essence, it appears that Ludwig’s microphone selection has contributed to a positive viewer experience, with clear and professional audio enhancing the overall quality of his content.

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How to Choose the Right Mic for Your Content

Selecting the appropriate microphone for your content can be a challenging task, but several considerations can simplify the decision-making process4. Here are some tips for choosing the right microphone:

  1. Consider Your Needs: Reflect on the type of content you will create and the sounds you intend to capture. Determine if you’ll be recording vocals, instruments, or dialogue, and whether your recording environment is indoors or outdoors. Understanding your specific recording requirements will guide your microphone choice.
  2. Budget: Set a budget and explore microphones within that price range. While condenser microphones are generally more affordable than ribbon microphones, both can deliver quality sound. Investing in the right microphone is crucial, as it can significantly enhance content quality.
  3. Test and Experiment: Experiment with various microphones to identify the one that best suits your needs. Testing different microphones in different settings will help you gauge their performance. Consider renting or borrowing microphones before making a final purchase to ensure you’re making the right decision.

By assessing your needs, budget, and experimenting with different microphone options, you can find the ideal microphone to enhance the quality of your content.

FAQs About What Mic Does Ludwig Use

What type of chair does Ludwig use?

Ludwig utilizes a Herman Miller chair for his streaming setup, although there are different models mentioned in search results. 

According to some sources, many top streamers prefer the Herman Miller Embody chair, which offers six ergonomic functions to maintain proper posture. However, others claim that Ludwig opts for a Herman Miller Aeron chair, which is also from the luxury chair brand.

The exact model he currently uses remains uncertain, as one source only mentions that he has a “rather impressive” chair. In a video interview with Wired, Ludwig was asked about his chair, but the response wasn’t shown. 

Likewise, a video tour of his streaming setup doesn’t provide a clear view of the chair. In summary, Ludwig indeed uses a Herman Miller chair, but the specific model is not definitively known.

What headphones does Ludwig have?

Ludwig employs the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro studio headphones. Crafted in Germany, these headphones are made from premium materials, ensuring reliability and durability. 

They offer 3-dimensional sound, allowing users to discern gameplay occurring behind their character. The headphones provide a secure and comfortable fit thanks to their robust spring steel headband design.

What mic do most musicians use?

The Shure SM57 holds a significant place in music history, both in live performances and in the studio. Its reputation for reliability, durability, and versatile frequency response makes it one of the most adaptable microphones available. 

Many musicians also favor microphones like the Telefunken M80, Shure Beta 58A, Shure Beta 87A, Sennheiser e945, Shure KSM8, and Shure KSM9.

What mic do most Twitch streamers use?

The Shure SM7B is a professional-grade microphone popular among vocalists, making it an excellent choice for streamers, podcasters, and talk-show hosts. 

As a dynamic microphone, it excels in capturing clear and warm sound. 

Other sought-after microphones among streamers include the Shure SM58, Shure MV7, Rode Procaster, Electro-Voice RE20, Elgato Wave DX, and Blue Yeti USB.

Is Ludwig the best streamer?

Determining the “best” streamer is subjective. However, Ludwig is a highly popular Twitch streamer known for his entertaining content and engaging personality. 

He boasts a substantial following and has garnered multiple awards for his streaming endeavors.

Is Ludwig good at chess?

Ludwig Ahgren is recognized as a prominent Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and celebrity personality. 

While he’s not a professional chess player, he has showcased commendable skills in the game, even impressing some chess grandmasters. He has played chess on his stream and participated in the PogChamps chess tournament.

Can you summon Valtr for Ludwig?

Valtr is an NPC hunter that can be called upon to aid in battling Ludwig in Bloodborne. To summon Valtr, one must first join The League covenant and equip the Impurity Rune. 

Valtr’s summoning lamp is located near the two crows before the entrance to Ludwig’s cave. He is considered the top choice for summoning and can endure most of the fight.

Is Ludwig’s Holy Blade the best?

Ludwig’s Holy Blade is a widely favored weapon in Bloodborne due to its versatility and scaling. It falls under the category of a “quality build” weapon because it scales with Strength, Skill, and Arcane. 

Additionally, it can be customized with elemental damage, making it suitable for Arcane builds. While it may not be definitively the best weapon in the game, it remains a fan favorite due to its effectiveness and design.

How do you beat Ludwig?

Conquering Ludwig, a formidable boss in Bloodborne, can be a daunting task. Some strategies for defeating him include enlisting the help of Valtr, utilizing fire paper for increased damage, and targeting his head to induce staggering. It’s crucial to master the art of dodging his attacks and familiarize oneself with his attack patterns. 

Ludwig undergoes two phases, with the second phase revealing a more potent form. Patience and avoiding getting hit are paramount to success.

What does Ludwig’s sword scale with?

Ludwig’s Holy Blade’s scaling is attributed to Strength, Skill, and Arcane. 

It is renowned as a “quality build” weapon due to its versatile scaling and can also be augmented with elemental damage. This makes it a flexible weapon suitable for a variety of builds.

Final Thoughts About What Mic Does Ludwig Use

Ludwig uses the Shure SM7B microphone, which is a popular choice among streamers due to its ability to reject room noise. 

This microphone has a flat, smooth, and wide-range frequency response that is best for speech and music.

It is built to last and can be used in all kinds of environments. The Shure SM7B is a dynamic microphone that captures vocals in immaculate detail with a cardioid pattern that rejects unwanted noise. 

It is an industry-standard streaming microphone that has controls that can be adjusted to suit different recording situations. 

Overall, the Shure SM7B is a fantastic microphone that delivers high-quality sound and is perfect for streamers, podcasters, content creators, and more.

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